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    If you would like to change lens brand or prescription, you can visit our store for on site contact lens fitting and evaluation.   We also provide on site lens training and consultation for first time contact lens wearer.   You'll certainly benefit from over 18 years of experiences in clinical lens fitting.   Please call 415-772-1902 to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to serving your vision needs.

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896 Stockton Street / Clay Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

(Across from Chinatown Stockton Post Office)

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1 Hour Validated Parking at Portsmouth Garage on Kearny Street with Lens Order (Please bring ticket)

PS: When visiting Chinatown don’t miss out the great eateries, side walk markets, and shops. You can explore the roots and cultures of many Asian nations within Chinatown while completely absorbed in the congestion of a busy environment resembling many cities in Asia without setting foot abroad. You may experience the big WOW sitting in a car watching pedestrians outpace you and disappear into the distance. You know you have arrived in Chinatown *_*

FROM 12:30 PM TO 6:00PM

Monday - Saturday

( Most Holidays Close )

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  Call 415-772-1902 or Fax 415-772-1904 or Email:

  Visit us for contact lens fitting, new fit, specialty Rx custom lens, corneal analysis, cornea measurement mapping, vision care, safety procedures.

  Let us refer you to renowned eye care medical professional for eye exam.





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