In the United States, a contact lens prescription is required to get contact lens.   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had listed contact lens as a medical device.

Contact lens prescription differed from eyeglass prescription in that contact lens prescription include parameters, such as Base Curve (B.C) , Diameter(Dia), Prescription, Brand.  Your doctor will evaluate your eye to see if lens wear are suitable for you.   Your doctor will then perform a lens fit to ensure proper lens fit, good visual acuity and long term optimal health of your eyes.

Asked your eye doctor for a copy of your contact lens prescription during examination and lens fitting.   Be sure to follow up to check with your doctor to ensure overall good lens fit.

If you are a first time contact lens wearer, your doctor will also provide safety training, solution usage, and proper lens handling-insertion-removal and clinical basic knowledge of identifying lens induce infections before happens.

If you are a prior contact lens wearer, just ask your eye care professional for a valid copy of lenses prescription to fax in for lens order.

Prescription often have expire date, please talk to your doctor for renew eye exam.

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